'The Day Coincidences Ran Out' - 75,000 word brilliant publication for sale

I have for sale my genuine self help publication which took over 2 years to write.
I am selling the entire rights to the publication so you or your company can become the legal Author

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You can read an extract here from Amazon - you can also view the book on Apple , Google books , Barnes and Noble and smashwords.com !

Complete legal buyout
I will accept 750 for a very quick sale - Please mail me or call !

The price I am asking is pittance for a 75000 word unique informational product that really will help people - It is tried and tested - you should be able to return a massive profit on your investment for many years. This will be the soundest investment you ever make

What I want the Businessman / Buyer or entrepreneur to understand is that this book has been drawn for experience and a life that included pain, torment , addiction, and anxiety that brought me to the brink of despair - This is not a book about phycology or anything to do with medicine. This is a publication that I have developed over 25 years and found a solution to ALL my problems.

In addition as the legal owner you could easily break the content of my book into downloadable course content. We all know that fresh content is king when it comes to SEO and Google. What you do with the 75.000 words of real information is up to you. If I had the know how I would build a complete self help portal website or sell the information as a course. In addition you could easily promote it hard through Amazon and other channels and make a large amount of money

I have had 159 downloads on smashwords in a short space of time and many have added the book to their library!

I have also had a royalty payment from Amazon! I know far more caould be acheived with this publication - This is an ideal chance for Business people who can really promote this product.


How to defeat Anxiety, depression and Addiction using my life long experience

 Imagining owning a brand new product with relentless opportunity



Not Copied

Help Millions of people

My own proven methods


Breakthrough Opportunity for the Businessman or Entrepreneur

Briliant Unique Book / Brilliant New Product / Massive Potential

This publication will massively assist people all over the world

to live a life free from Anxiety, Depression, Fear and Alcohol Addiction

75,000 words - 250 pages - cover designed
It has only been available online for the last few weeks


ISBN 9781311324450

The book is entitled: © 'The Day Coincidences Ran Out' ©

In short the book outlines how anyone can grasp a life of happiness and contentment
by recognising the **Power Of Purpose** that I strongly believe is universal to all

Nothing like this has ever been written before. My methods are drawn from my own personal suffering

spanning 25 years

I understand that this brief website will only be taken seriously by Business People and Entrepreneurs who will
seize the chance to own a truly brilliant book and publication that is unique and really will help millions of people
once the title and word gets around

I say brilliant because this book really does have the content to change peoples lives forever.
The content has all been drawn from my real life experiences
I suffered chronic alcoholism and anxiety, panic and many social disorders.
What I suffered is perhaps as bad as it gets in this world but through perseverance I found a way out.
That is what this book is about - outlining the way I conquered my severe problems.
Without a doubt this book will catch on and its contents and program will quickly spread
bringing hope and light to millions.

I have been contacted by Author House who want to help distribute this book internationally.
For some you may think my asking price is expensive. I assure you the product you
will own will have the capacity to help millions. I have seen it help many of my friends and family

How you make a fortune with the information I offer you is down to you.
I can only tell you that the content is accurate and extremely useful.

It is your Business mind that will take this book to the heights it deserves.

I take the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery illustrating how simple it is to
harness the wonders of the universe to set free their anxieties and self centeredness in life
The book is backed by a program that can be used by anyone for the rest of their lives
This book holds massive and unrelenting potential

Whether you are an existing Author or Entrepreneur or own a Company looking for fresh content
or expansion in to new areas I'm sure you will grasp the enormity of what
I am offering

This is not run of the mill material that is being re-worked on the contrary this is fresh and precise
content that will change the lives of all those who read it - guaranteed

I am selling a unique product that has taken 2 years to write - this is not a copy - the manuscript is mine.

I doubt the average person will encounter such a wonderful opportunity again

What you do with the copyright and ownership is entirely your choice but I would think it through
carefully as this book is going to catch on

Whether you resell my Book and it's contents across the world or decide to build
a large web presence, the rewards are high and the potential is huge

I have witnessed hundreds of folks recover from addiction, anxiety and depression and many other spiritual
problems that they are suffering by adopting my simplistic and life changing principles in to their daily lives

My book shows people how to cope easily with:

Addiction - Alcohol
Anxiety and GAD
Irrational Fears
Self Worth
Social Disorders

How to make a million writing your own book


This program works and I know without doubt that once established it will take hold on many people
As folks begin to share with others what I portray I am certain a tidal wave of enthusiasm will grip
the world.

Many who read this book will never look at their lives the same again

It is available now in many digital forms throughout all the major book sellers online including Barnes and Noble and Apple to name a few.

I spent considerable time getting it proofed and accepted by some of the worlds biggest names.

It is a work that I am sincerely proud of.
It has vast potential as the content is precise and really will assist people in bettering their lives forever
The content is real and will work for people no matter what their backgrounds in life
The potential readership is enormous.

I am certain my book will sell in abundance and possibly run sales in to the millions when people catch on to how effective my methods are.

The book has in last few weeks been accepted by Google Books and Amazon Kindle

Head over to Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com and just type in the title ' The day coincidences ran out' you will find it for sure.

The book is completely unique and genuine and is aimed at helping people find a stress free and happy life.

It goes a lot further by offering a program that I am certain will **establish itself as a universal authority for helping millions of people**

The content uses a lot of my own life to convey my ideas and program.

My initial idea was to market this incredible book via print and start up a self help organisation and website.

Please do not overlook this one off chance.

The book is superb and will help people live a much happier life.

I guarantee this

My material has not been copied from anywhere in the world, the entire book and program set fourth is 100% mine.

You will not find anything like this anywhere.

I have developed the principles and ideas I write about over the last 25 years.

It took courage to write this book as it does outline my own personal shortcomings.
I have for many years been constantly persuaded by others to put pen to paper with the aim of freely allow others to benefit from my programme

My principles have been laid out and summarised in a twelve step program that can be practised on a daily basis

**The opportunities are enormous for the entrepreneur who fancies taking this book and universal program for living to the world.**

Some may wish to sell the book and programs it in instalments and charge a set amount for each step or set up an interactive web portal outlining my methods. The possibilities are endless

All I know is that the book is unique and brilliant. Forgive my uncharacteristic arrogance but I have seen the lives of hundreds transformed over the years by applying what I have to offer.

I was going to offer this publication straight to the media and large established firms but having struggled a lot of my life I decided to
offer it to someone private who I hope will look after the interests of all those this book will impress.

I write nothing that I have not experienced myself.

I myself have suffered chronic alcoholism and anxiety since a young age and trust me ** I have been to hell and back **

**Today I am free and this book was written with the only objective of setting millions of others free.**

You can read an extract here from Amazon - you can also view the book on Apple , Google books , Barnes and Noble and smashwords.com !

© This information must not be distributed in any form whatsoever without consent ©

I am selling the entire rights and copyright simply because I need money to carry on my life - there is no other reason for selling

Over the years I have helped hundreds of folks pick up their lives and walk free from the bondage of addiction and emotional sufferings

My book is written in an easy to understand format.

All you will find is honesty and sometimes warnings to those who could make the mistakes I have.

What you can do with this incredible book is down to you as a Business person.

If I had the time and resources I would market this book properly to the world. It is rich and unique enough to sell millions of copies.

I say that without arrogance as I know if this book falls in to the right hands an absolute fortune can be made.

Self help books are in massive demand and unlike conventional novels steer a class of their own

The book really does help people, the system I have developed is both spiritual and honest, I write nothing in my book that cannot be achieved

I take this further one step - everything in my book is drawn from my bitter experience of life. My book is an extremely desirable product

If you have the financial resources you could quite easily develop a website to sell this as a programme and offer it to your subscribers.

I guarantee anyone that this book is genuine.

Its entire contents are unique and nothing like this has ever been written before - This I assure you.

You are free to change the name of the Author to reflect yourself or do anything you desire - the book and programme will be transferred legally to you via any method you stipulate

I will be writing another title shortly entitled 'Alcoholism - If only you understood'

Please write if you have any questions.


Tel : 01267 275517
Mobile: 07917 887234

The price I am asking is very small - you should be able to return a massive profit on your investment

Please mail me with any questions